INV.Valuation Not equal to INV.Account

Hi experts,

My inventroy valuation report value and inventroy account value is not matching .

Even i run the ADCE , still it differ .

First of let me know the reasons to differs .

what type of reasons generally we find when it differs.

Just please throw the general reasons only, then according to i will go throw that.

thanks and regards

Hi Austin,

Not sure what ADCE is but the common causes are:

  1. Run the Adjust cost - Item entries routine - remember to post cost to G/L - run more than one (normally three times) to make sure cost ripples down to all levels

  2. Check you configuration and see if you are using expected cost posting and where is setp to post to. Also make sure to tick the expected cost box on the inventory valuation report

  3. Most difficult - check for direct journal into the inventory control account(s)

This will pick up most of the differences