Amnt Posted To valuation reprt & Amnt Posted to Invnty Accnt

Hi, I just wondering what is the…Amount posted to Valuation report, and what is the amount posted to Inventory Account.??? Because when I analyze it …The amount posted to Value Entry whch is Valuation report is getting the amount, and the Inventory account whch is came from GL entry?? they are diff. amount??? or My analysis is wrong?? Any advise Hoping for you reply…

First of all we need to know which NAV version you are using.
Second we need to know is how you set up your inventory setup (Expected Cost Posting to G/L yes/no, Automatic Cost Posting yes/no).

When did you last run the “inventory adjustment” ?

Therea re two columns on the report because the Adjust Cost Items Entries and the Post (Inventory) Cost to GL and Adjust can be automatic or a batch process that is run by the user. IF the process is triggered manually then there will always be a delay in posting Inventory costs to the GL.

Is there really a difference on the amounts on the report?

Are they for all items or a set of items or???

As a first step check for Sales Shipments that have not been Invoiced and Purchase Receipts that have not been Invoiced.


Im using NAV 5.0 sp1 and are not using Aumatic Adjust Cost…we run the bacth job…daily… Hoping for your reply…thanks

Are you runninf both batch jobs daily?

Is there a difference for one or may or all items?

Is the difference consistent (same parts and same amount) or changing on a daily basis?

Briefly…NAV records cost amounts for item related movements in the Value Entry table

Cost Amount (Actual) Field

The Value Entry Table

This field contains the cost of invoiced items.

When you post as invoiced, the program calculates the cost by using the Invoiced Quantity and Cost per Unit fields

Cost Posted to G/L Field

The Value Entry Table

This field shows the amount that has been posted to the general ledger.

The program inserts the adjusted cost with the Post Inventory Cost to G/L batch job. If automatic cost posting is set up in the Inventory Setup window, this field is filled in during posting.

Does that help?