Intercompany Sales and Purchases of Inventory


I am in the process of setting up the Intercompany Functionality in NAV.

So far, I have setup the following:

  • Creating a customer for intercompany sales

  • Creating an IC Partner Code

  • Added the IC Partner Code to the relevant field in the Communcations tab of the Customer Card

I would like the seller company to sell inventory items to the buyer company at cost.

I am just wondering how to go about setting this up, so that the $ posted to the IC Sales GL account of the selling company is the item’s unit cost.

Is this a configuration on the Customer Sale Price table, or perhaps somewhere else?

Why? Even if you did it would only be the cost known at that time. Which might change. Especially if you are using FIFO costing.

Just setup a “price”. Then handle any net profit/loss thru eliminations when you consolidate.