Intercompany Sales/Purchase

Hello all,

name me idiot or something else but I need your help.

I’m trying to create IC sales and was able to create the PO in the Company A, did send the IC document.

How do I now create the sales order for this transaction in Company B?

In company B see the Inbox Transactions:

Financial Management>> General Ledger>> Intercompany Posting>>Inbox Transaction then if it is between two different databases then use Import Transaction File, else it should be there.

The use Set Line Action >> Accept and after this Complete Line Action

Hope this helps.

Nope, doesn’t

The inbox is empty.

The IC partners are set up as Database.

Hi Thomas,

In your Company A:
In the OutBox Transactions:
Line Action: Send To IC Partner

Then Complete Line Action

In your Company B:
In the InBox Transactions:
Line Action: Accept

Then Complete Line Action.