Nav. 4.0 - InterCompany ???

Hi all. [:D] I am implementing a 4.0 SP1 at a big client - and they are gonna do InterCompany postings. [8D] THE PROBLEM: We can not make a customer a IC-partner if the customer have open entries, that is - an error appears saying approx: “You cannot change the content of the field ‘code’ (the field ‘code for IC-partner’), cause this Vendor has entries in a fiscal year that hasn’t been closed” Does anyone know WHY i cannot assign a IC-code to a customer/vendor? I can force it in with a report, but is this safe when that error appears ? Hope for some help/explenation - cause I cannot find any information about this…![V]

Hi, I would guess, that the error appears, so that there is no mix up (what has been done automatically with the Intercompany postings vs. what’s been done by hand) when closing the fiscal year and doing the consolidation at the end of the year. What you could do, if it is not possible to close the year and/or close the open entries, is to create a new customer/vendor and us this new one for Intercompany postings.

Hi ZIMI TY for answering. Do you know where I can get information about Intercompany Postings, I have a ‘Demo script’ about it - but would like to have some documents that explains more deebly about IC? [:I] Something that perhaps explains things like these errors… This inquiry goes out to ALL users/developers/… [:D][8D] /Skyggeman

Hi Skyggeman, have a look (search for: intercompany navision) in Partnersource for some documentation (White Paper, Fact sheet etc).

Hi I have the Fact-sheet and the white-paper, but don’t think that they explain anything at all, except what IC postings can do for a cpmpany to reduce typing orders/invoice double… I’m looking for a “reference guide” explaining “THE BIG TRUTH ABOUT IC-POSTING”…[^][:D][Duh!] Don’t like to take the chance of forcing the code in with a report, and hope for the best [}:)] /Skyggeman


Does anyone know WHY i cannot assign a IC-code to a customer/vendor? I can force it in with a report, but is this safe when that error appears ?
Originally posted by Skyggeman - 2006 May 03 : 09:35:30

Hi Skyggeman, AFAICS, you cannot change the IC code for customers/vendors with entries in an open fiscal year or any open entries due to consolidation issues. The IC code can be used to make correct eliminations of intercompany earnings. I can’t find any functionality which does this, though… [?] However, I think that’s a good idea to check the IC partner code this way, because if you have to consolidate the companies and eliminate the IC earnings, then at least you would have consistent information. Another reason could be the IC functionality itself: If you change an IC code in one company, it should be set/changed for the corresponding customer/vendor in a different company, which can be in a different database. Changes would have to be propagated through all open entries and the corresponding G/L entries, on both sides. Since you don’t have control over the other company and to avoid the hassle of changing already posted entries, it is safe to allow a change only when there are no open entries. A report for forcing this field would have to do a few things: - set the desired IC code [:D] - change the IC code for all open entries and for all entries in a non-closed accounting period - for every customer/vendor ledger entry changed: change all corresponding G/L entries (same transaction no., same source type/source no) The balance of the IC partner accounts should be the same [^] Does anybody have real life experiences with intercompany postings? I’d like to know if it is worth the trouble [;)] Except for the consolidation side (which would mean a lot of programming in report 90 to make it work) I can see only more problems than solutions [V] hope this helps Jens