Inbound port .netTCP adapter in Dynamics AX 2012 AIF


I am working with the NetTcp adapter in AIF to pass data into AX. I am passing single product/item data with 150 BomLines. It takes around 10–15 minutes to push data into AX for two organizations. Is there any other way I can optimize my time to push data? Please help.


There are a few potential ways to optimize the time it takes to push data into AX using the NetTcp adapter in AIF:

  1. Check network performance: Make sure that your network is properly optimized for data transfer. Check for any network latency or bandwidth issues that may be slowing down data transfer.
  2. Optimize AIF: Check your AIF configuration to ensure that it is optimized for performance. Ensure that the appropriate number of threads are being used and that the buffer size is appropriate for the data being transferred.
  3. Optimize AX: Optimize AX performance by reviewing the indexing and queries for the data entities that are being updated. This can help to speed up the processing of data within AX.
  4. Batch processing: Consider batching your data so that you can process multiple records at once, rather than processing them one by one. This can help to reduce the time it takes to push data into AX.
  5. Use a different adapter: Consider using a different adapter, such as the HTTP adapter, to push data into AX. Depending on your data transfer needs, this may be a more efficient option.