AIF Inbound service timeout after 10 minutes

I have an inbound port that serves data in XML format. The Inbound service is created using steps mentioned in this link (AX web services for Boomi) which need some changes to the default service settings. The service has couple of operations and one of them takes about 5-15 minutes to complete depending on my input parameters (date range).

When I test it within another AX class, it works fine. As soon as I consume it in a client application (ex: a .NET console app), it works fine it the response is returned in less than 10 minutes. Anything that takes more than 10 mins, it fails immediately.

I’ve tried by increasing the timeouts to 30 minutes (in the web.config and service config), but still the same issue. I also tried increasing the QueryServiceBinding to 30 mins in Ax32Serv.exe.config (as an article suggested), without any success.

Any idea what could be the reason?? Appreciate quick help on this…

I think you should decrease the processing time rather then increasing the timeout.

Maybe you have a performance problem that you should fix; keeping it there would mean wasting resources of your (or your client’s) system.

Or maybe you’re processing a huge amount of data in a single message and you should split it to several smaller ones.