Importing Vendors appears to work but not in table

I wrote a dataport to import a CSV file of vendors into the Navision Vendor Table (ID 23). I worked out all the errors and it appears the upload ran completely. However, when I go into the Vendor table the data I thought I uploaded is not there… Any ideas? Should I be able to import into the Vendor Table?? This is the native Navision database. Thanks

Did you turn off the AutoSave property for the Vendor DataItem? If so, you need to explicitly issue an INSERT command in the OnAfterImportRecord trigger.

Neson, No - I did not look at these items. Do I need to go into design mode for the Vendor Table to turn off the AutoSave property? How do I get to the OnAfterImportRecord trigger? Sorry for these basic questions… My documentation is not that good. thanks for all the help, Doug

I was talking about options in the Dataport Designer, no need to design the Vendor Table. When designing the Dataport, you must surely have the Vendor table in the list of DataItems. Go to menu View, Properties and check if AutoSave is set to . Also, did you save the Dataport before running it or did you just run it from menu File, Run? Running an unsaved Dataport (one which imports data) will not change the database, Navision calls this a test run. Exporting, however, works fine even in test mode. As for documentation, you can find a PDF file (w1w1adg.pdf) in the Doc folder of your Product CD. This is the “Application Designer’s Guide” and will provide a good introduction to C/SIDE’s development language.