importing new products with dataport

Hi. I have only used Navision for a week, so my knowledge is quite limited. I have a txt-file with “;” as field seperator from a supplier. I want to add the products from this file into Navision. When I do that it works fine, but som of the products are already in the system, and I don’t want to change prices etc on these products. How can I skip these products when importing?

I asume you are using a dataport for your import.

If you open the dataport with the object designer, please check the properties AutoSave, AutoUpdate and AutoReplace on the DataItem “Item”. You get some help if you press F1 on the properties itself.

Hi Jarle,

It is quite simple if you are using Native Database. Just change the AutoUpdate property of the dataitem to Yes. Default is Yes then also you have to change it to Yes and auto replace to No and AutoSave to No.

I assure you if you are using Native version this will work fine, but if you are using SQL Server option it will not work.