importing the jpeg or jpg file in NAV

i have to import the images into the NAV and the clients have requested me that it would be better if jpeg files can be imported into the NAV . so would appreciate if i can get the suggestions…


Run form no 1 (Company informations), there will be an menu button picture , keep this as ref and do your work

It should be BMP


Try something like this…


IF EXISTS (‘C:\NavisionDB\BMPs’+Item.“Brand Code”+’.BMP’) THEN //This where the JPEG file exist
Image.IMPORT(‘C:\NavisionDB\BMPs’+Item.“Brand Code”+’.BMP’,FALSE);



Are you planning to view these JPG’s or are they just for storage?


You can quite easily create an Import/export function that import any kind of file into a blob-field in the database. The only restriction is the 2gig blob-field size.

Unfortunately it is not possible to view JPGs directly in NAV, you have to write a Wrapper in order to do that. Use google or bing to see if it does not already exist.

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Palle Arentoft,
Dynamics NAV specialist