to import .jpg files

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Is there any add ins to import .jpg files in NAV 2009 R2?? Please let me know if any…

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Can you be more clear please.

when do you need and why?


if you are using RTC client you can directly import jpg image to blob field ,check the company information page picture field

in classic client you can import jpg files to blob field and can’t view the image from form

in classic client import image to a blob field and on the from create one command button view image while clicking the button export the file to some temporary locations and open it with hyper link then image will open in windows image viewer

eg: HYPERLINK( TEMPORARYPATH+ tempfilename );

Thank you so much for the reply. I need to import images of the clients in the form Classic Client. Please Akhilesh, can you be more clear of please provide me with a source code about the topic you have discussed above.

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Check the Company Information form No.79 for more details.

Hi suman

check the company information form picture menu button both import and export options are there