How to import "Site specific order setting" for Items

Hi all,
I want to import default warehouse for Items list, I tried to import via excel add-in but didn’t work. I tried to create an DMF template to import, but there are many mandatory fields that I don’t use so don’t have data for these fields, but I couldn’t remove it.
I did spend a lot time to research but seems need help from Technical.
Is there any functional solution for this case? Does any body having any idea, please share with me.
Thank you in advance!

I would consider data migration technical I am afraid, the complexities of the data model these days mean it is. I would also never recommend the Excel Addin. This one is o

When you say you “dont” use the mandatory fields you have no choice, they are mandatory, the system needs them to construct the relationships, so you will need to fill these in and then attempt. If you were to manually create them you would have to supply them prior to saving the record and therefore you must complete them. However although this is over separate tables I believe only the site is actually mandatory from a manual input which makes sense as it is site specific - what do you think is “mandatory”?

Thank you, I am asking a help from technical, but he is very busy so I am trying hope to find the solution soon.

There are 11 mandatory fields in DMF template, but I just need “Site” and “Warehouse”, for other fields I don’t have value to fill in

I forgot to attach file, following are 11 mandatory files:

Hi Hang,

You can use the standard “Items” entity for importing "Site specific order settings " I guess.

Because all the necessary fields for site specific order settings are available in “Items” entity itself.

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HI AdamRoue,

I tried to import default warehouse in to “Site specific order setting” - InventItemInventsetup table and finished already. But I don’t know why this data is not show in the form Site specificorder settings.

Do you know why?

Data is already imported to table :

But didn’t show in the form:

Need to fill the tables that are related to other two modules.