How to get get workflow conditions?

How can i get workflow conditions in my custom workflow??

Hi Hamdy, welcome to Dynamics User Group forum.

Unfortunately you provided very little information, so it’s very difficult to understand what you actually need.

If you want to increase your chances to get an answer, please give us an example of what you’re trying to achieve and explain what problem you have with it. Also never forget to mention your version of AX - adding an appropriate tag to the question is a convenient way for doing that.

Hi Martin,

I develop my test workflow (AX 2012) , the workflow in working but when add conditions in workflow its not work,

like, i want to activate the workflow when the Field Qty = 1. but the workflow is active for all new records.

i hope i explained what i need.

How did you configure the condition?

Are you saying that you are unable to add a condition to the workflow? Or you dont know how to add a condition.

Check this…it might help you!

Hi AnandMallavarapu,

thanks for replay, i know how to add a condition in workflow but i need to know how I Get fields which is set in the query condition of Workflow configuration in AX 2012 in my custom workflow i mean which class or method can do that.

If you need to add any caluculated fields then you need to use Workflow Document Class.

For example see :

If its a field in the table,add it to the Query used for that workflow.


I am also facing the same problem for employee transfer in Hr module its a standard workflow.but when i am going to attach any add condition i m not getting any condition on which i can give condition like if branch,counter, position got changed then only workflow got triggered.

This is my requirement so i am attaching workflow here

HR->commom->workers->employee there is workers position assignment on that i fill the info and then workflow is going to get activate.

i hope i descibed the exact details.