Workflow condition not working in AX2009

Now, I have the following question that you maybe also has touched in your work with workflow. When I set up “Condition for use” - the WF will only be used when the following condition is true - they seems not to work. Meaning the workflow starts and I get the submit button even if that when I test the condition, it fail. My condition is like:

Purchase Requisition.Approval amount > 10000,00. It seems like that WF does not take these conditions into account - and just activate it anyway, even if the condition return
false when testing the condition.

The wf is the standard Purchase Req. WF.

Any Help or tips - thanks in advance.

It is not a condition for the submission of the workflow, it is a condition for the processing of the workflow. With your 10000 example the condition would be that if it is under 10000 it does not need approval, but over 10000 it needs a managers approval before progressing onwards in the workflow. The submission is the starting point to start the workflow.

Hi, I am adding this condition as a “Set condition for use” on the General Tab. This is not a condition added to the Approval step. What happens is that the Purch req. stops at the Approval step, and require a approval also if the value is < 10000. If adding a condition to the General Tab, the label says: This workflow will be used only when the following condition is use. I understand this general condition that the workflow will only be started - used if the condition is true.

Ok, but the workflow “hangs” - stops at approval step anyway. I understand the condition set on the General Tab - as a oveall condition for using the workflow at all. The label says: This workflow will used only when the following condition is true.

I beleive the point of that one is for when you have multuple workflows called for the same step, you would still have to submit the workflow, it is just that it goes to a different workflow based upon the condition. So you need a separate workflow depending upon the condition, again what happens when it is over 10000, what happens when it is over, etc.

How many work flows you have configured? This might be taking a default work flow as it is not finding any workflow satisfying the given condition.