How to export/import form changes made by users??

Hi all

Just wondering if it is possible to export and reimport form changes made by users? I dont want to make form changes in the AOT just yet until I am sure that these changes will be permanent. Therefore I have been making form changes by right clicking on fields and hiding them. I then apply these form changes to other users’ forms, by right clicking on the form, Setup - Import the form design from in there.

Is there a way of exporting and reimporting these changes I am making, or not??


As standard you can save these and then go to another user and hit the load from another user option.

It is also held in the Usage data against the user, but I do not know if you can export this data, but give it a go!

take a backup copy of the aos server and before and after making any changes

Any idea where this usage data is held?? I already know I can apply form setup from one user to another, but not sure how to back these changes up and reapply after a new BUS layer??


Tools > Options > Usage data [Button]

Be very careful as this is a destructive delete (no undo) and you may not remember what other changes you have made but these will be deleted too.