Porting User customizations

Hi, Up until now i’ve created all reports and other customizations in a separate isolated environment and exported them through AOT Projects, and imported these roject in the production environment. This is getting increasingly complicated. Cant i just copy the file axusr.aod along with the label files to the production environment? Is this save? and are there perhabs any other files that need to copied as well? Thanks in advance, Geuko Rooseboom

Hi, Copying the whole layer is ok and recomended by MBS. There is one drawback: All unneeded temporarily jobs and classes are also copied into the production system. There is a excellent document named ‘How to utilize the Axapta application layers’ in the Technet. Please follow the link: http://technet.navision.com/usered/Axapta%203.0/Documentation/UpdatedGuides/TI/AX-300-TIP-046-v01.00-ENUS.doc

Hi. Copying the .AOD file from development to production environment is a nice decision till development environment must also contains all the objects that are running in production environment.,if it contains some extra object which is not any related to the production,these will also get copied and which may create problem.Export & Import through project is recommended when there is a continuous changes on development and those chnages are needed to run on production environment. regd pankaj

Hi, I’ve experienced that if you keep a clean development environment, copying the AOD file is very easy. Considering the Technet document one has to choose for a particular technique. Off course everything goes with the AOD file, thats why testing and researching should be done in a different dev. environment. This is how i approach this issue. PS Which files contain help file changes? Geuko