How to display tablex header on each page in SSRS report.

In ax SSRS Report,

I want to display the tablex header on each page in the report.

For this i have set the table “repeat header rows on each page” property as true, but still i could not get the tablex header on other than first page.

I am using axapta 2012 R3.

Is it possible in axapta ssrs reports.

Thanks in advance.

Yes. It is possible.

Two ways i know

1st method:

Tablix control property and check the repeat header rows on each page

2nd method:

Check the “Advanced Mode” and select the static group based on your row and press f4 for properties and set true value to the property “Repeat on new page”



8562.SSRS Advanced mode.png

Thank you Hariharan for your reply.

I have tried earlier to set the Repeat header rows on each page as TRUE but this is not working to repeat the header on each page.

and i tried to set the report header on each page as suggested in the 2nd method but this is giving an error as below.

Don’t you face this error.

any one have an idea? Please suggest me.

Can you please try with row group section instead of column group?

I have attached screenshot for your reference. Try with row group instead of column group.