How to repeat report footer (not tablix) on each page printed to pdf ?


What do i do - i need to repeat SSRS AX 2012 - static report footer on each page printed ? exported to pdf too

I am talking about simple static report footer, not the one which is with tablix,

tried searching this forum and i find only information on tablix headers, sorry if this thread already exists, was thinking maybe bringing footer data to body would be a solution, but the body already is 2 pages in PDF in my case, so it wouldnt print it in the first page


SSRS do support such footers. Open the report design, then right-click somewhere outside the page and choose “Add Page Footer”. Then add controls to this footer section.

Sorry i already have page footer with data in it, fields and etc, but its only showing up in 2/2 page, i mean second page, not in both pages, the issue is i need that page footer would repeat itself on each page, not how to add it :slight_smile: sorry, my question wasnt clear maybe

Then you did something wrong, because these footers are automatically shown on all pages.

First of all, determine if you don’t see the footer at all or just its content. If you don’t see the whole footer, maybe you misconfigured your report. Check out Hide a Page Header or Footer on the First or Last Page to understand which setup you should review.

the hidden property on the report had visibility set to false in some cases