How to customize inventory reports?


I have been thru the DUG archives but I havent found what I am looking for.

That is how to configure the inventory so that I can have alternate maps/reports, other than the standard inventory valuation report.

Moreover, i want to have the detail, on a specific product and its valuation over a specific period(the beginning of the year and october 2009)

Many thanks


Hi Nelson,

what do you mean by alternate maps?

The standard inventory report will give you valuation and the start and ending date

Thank you Dave!

I Know. My question is more if is there a report were I can have the detailed inventory movements?

I thought of the warehouse module, but i havent´seen what I am looking for.

I mean, entry date and value, and sale date and value for each movement. It´s a request by and auditor, and there seems to be a difference, of some items, or value…

hi Nelson,

Navision standard inventory report is insufficient to provide such data. If you would like to create a customize report you may need to combine a few tables; say Item Ledger Entry + Item Application Entry.

Item Ledger entry will able to assist in create the report you need. If you need a detailed, say, Purchase Item A - 1000qty, how was in split into? where it is gone to?, I believe Item Application Entry table can be at assist.

If you need in details let me know and i’ll try my best to explain in details…

Hope it helps… :slight_smile: Btw, i m not technical, so i can only guide you on which table to extract data into to compile the complete Inventory report…

Thank you Lee ( I dont Know if this is correct in Malayan)

It is how I figured that the standard report isnt enough. At least in 4.0 sp3 that is the version I am working on. I am also non technical and very new to ERP and NAV, so we probably speak the same “functional language”:).

I will need help with the steps please.

All the best

Actually what type of report you need? The Item Card–> Item → Entries → Ledger Entries is not sufficient? can actually follow the layout of it to customize a report… Item Ledger Entries (Table 32)

With it can actually help to display the Purchase, Sales, Positive and Negative Adjustment.

Actually both can display the similar report but Item Ledger Entries will be more simple or you can just copy the Item Ledger Entries and paste it into Excel (save customization cost)

However if you would like a more complicated report, say need to trace say Purchase A, Purchase B and Purchase C; how is it being allocated, then you can try using the Item Application Entry (Table 339).

Do you need any report that are based on Purchases? As described there are three (3) Purchases made and need to know where is the gone too or which Sales it is allocated to.

say Purchase A - 100qty (split to Sales 10 as at 01/03/09; 30 Sales made as at 30/04/09 and 60 still remaining in the warehouse). The advantage is the grouping as the data will be referring to Item Ledger Entries table.

If you really need details then I’ll need to know the layout and the information needed in the report. But Item Ledger Entries can definitely provide all info.


Stan Lee

Many Thanks Stan Lee

IYour help has been unvaluable.For now the problem is patched. Let us see if in the next few days, it will ressurrect:)

I would bother you for some tips on how to do some reports. Or Better how did you learn to customize reports…