Inventory Reporting??

Our client is using average costing for the inventory. I know not the best that Navision has to offer but they are set on it. I am looking for a report(either out of the box or an add on) that would show beginning balance, plus purchases, less items picked for a job, and an ending balance. Seems like an innocent enough request, but we are coming up empty. Any suggestions?

Can’t you use Inventory/“Item Reports”/“Inventory Valuation”?

take a look at the USA specific report 10136, Item Transaction Detail.

Thats what I thought to do, but if you run the Item transactions, and then try to add them to the Inventory valuation at the end of the prior month you don’t get the inventory valuation at the end of the month. I think it has something to do with the posting dates of the value entry table vs the posting date in the Item ledger, but can’t quite figure out what Navision is doing. I guess that is why Navision used to offer a class on Inventory Costing all by its self.

Hi Always get confused with the differences in how inventory is costed and generally get lost with the US side anywy try this; Find an item where the difference occurs. Look at the item ledger entries for the item on this date. Drill down on the cost field. The value entry will probably show two lines, one of the the adjsuted cost - posted at the date of the adjust cost items entries batch routine. This maybe the source of your problem.