How can I use dimensions with Routing Operations (Lines)?

NAV 2013 R2:

I would like to use dimensions with the Routing Operations. There is no Dimensions button anywhere in the ribbon menu or in the Operation context menu.

Is there a way for me to add this functionality to NAV ?


Dave K

Does anyone know of any reason why I should not add a Dimension Set Id field onto the end of the Routing Line table ?


Dave K

Routings contain either a Machine Center or Work Center. Go to the Machine Center and/or Work Center cards and enter the dimensions.

The dimension I wish to use on the operation line is SUBCONTYPE which is a Subcontract Type.

Each Work Centre (or Subcontractor Vendor) is able to do a variety of types of work and this will differ according to which operation is being done.

Otherwise, your suggestion would have worked. I may just add a new table and a field to Routing table linking to it.


Dave K

Actually, I did it. I used the same method as is used in the Purchase Lines table and (Purchase Sub page) page.

It works a treat.

Dave K.