Applying dimensions via templates (NAV2013)

Hi All,

Can I apply dimension codes & values using the apply templates on customer / item / vendor card.



Yes you can.

When you setup your templates, then you can also specify the dimensions you want to use.

Hi Erik,

Sorry to be a pain I think my question is worded incorrectly, as I know you can set them up for import but I mean the apply template button on the customer/item/vendor card for new ones.

So on customer customer table, I can set globals but i cant set the ones i actually want I tried building a template for dimension table 352 (I think) and attaching it to the customer card template, also tried to see if i could select the template as per you previous comment but didn’t work, and you cant select the fields either as they are not part of table 18 even skipping validation check.

I see why you maybe cant as the dimensions button is available for the user, but my users are expected to put the customer on in the least click possible and we have a slight change that allows them to put tick boxes next to a few selections to limit set-up time.

2480.1.JPGMany Thanks



Hi Lee,

Sorry I was actually just looking at the specific Customer Template, the alternative Customer templates used only from the Contact Card. When it comes to data templates, NAV have two. The one on used only for the CRM system, and the general Configuration Templates. You can only specify the individual dimensions on the Customer Templates.

On the Configuration Templates you can only specify values for Global Dimension 1 and Global Dimension 2. Not for dimension shortcuts 3 and up.

Thanks Erik,

Will have to look at a bit of dev then to see if we could maybe utilise customer templates in the apply templates section.

Many thanks