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I need some help using Dimensions in NAV 5. My company currently uses the Service Management module and at the time of implementation, even though 8 dimension groups had been identified we really only use the 2 global ones. Our new marketing VP would like to see profitability by market and I’m attempting to use dimensions to provide this information.

Revenue I can get by market, but I am trying to capture director labor and job expense without, or at least minimal, additional input by our users. We post our time in the resource journal against a specific service order number (use one of our global dimension - Job Code) and job specific material is posted through A/P and again linked to Job Code.

I was wondering since the Market dimension is on the service order - could I get it programmed so that I get the other dimensions on that service order to auto populate on the invoice and resource journal , or wherever I need to?

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Why to program it ?

Just ask user to select the required dimensions on that service order …

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I understand the user just selecting the dimension makes sense…unfortunately when they had first implemented the system there was a big backlash from users on the amount of data entry being asked of them. So since then any change gets met with how much extra time will it take someone to enter the info vs the value of the information being sought.

So what I was hoping was if I could program the dimension to flow from the service order to other records I could get what I need without it becoming a big deal.

Will the system allow me to do that?

System allows everything within its limit …

The problem is that service provider/consultant need to try to make user understand every aspect of ERP system and how helpful it is for them if they add dimensions and sensible data which is going to make there life easier by going forward specially on report front.

I still suggest rather than doing customization try to make user understand the importance of functionality.

Hello Lynda,

By default NAV passes the dimension values from the Service Order to Invoice, no need for us to do any customization to bring this.
We need to ensure that

  1. We define the new dimensions in dimensions table
  2. Assign all the dimensions with dimension values to the service order
  3. On posting the Service Order the dimensions that are selected in the Service Order will automatically pass into the Invoice lines of the Service Order


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