HotFixes for 3.60 - I need the Change Logs

I’m looking for a full check list of improvements/bug fixes in the 3.60 fixes. I’m looking the exhaustive change log in the following areas : - Client Side (Fin.exe) - Server Side (Server.exe) - Navision Application (FOB) I cannot believe MBS is releasing hotfixes without releasing a document describing what has been fixed. If such a document exists could someone take the time to e-mail it to me.

Hi Tarek, MBS provides a changes.doc for every Hotfix. If you have access to PartnerSource, you can find these docs in the download section for each hotfix. Otherwise ask your MBS Partner to provide you with these docs.

Hi Beaver, I currently work for a end user so I no longer have access to the PartnerSource Intranet. My NSC has told us that MBS France did not give them a changes.doc document