We are using 2.60C and I wonder how to reach Hotfix for this version or anyone knows a bug list for this version.Because in Database we are using now, I can not see any hotfix, but I do know we have some small bugs!! Thanks

It’s a little difficult to say, because the diffent Navision countries are releasing the hotfixes diffently. In Denmark the most current version is 2.60.D, in the US it’s 2.60.B. How this is in Switzerland, that I can’t tell you. You have to contact your NSC and have them contact Navision. But I can tell you that when Navision Denmark released 2.60 service pack 4, their message was that there was so many changes that they decided to release it as a new version (2.60.D) and that they recommend ALL users of 2.60 to upgrade to this version. The later hotfixes to this version are primary fixes to the SQL Option. But you have to contact your NSC and have them contact Navision to hear how it is in your country. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

By the way I forgot but we are using W1 in company not swiss version.I mean for W1 is there any hotfixes… Thx