Hiding Columns in Report

Is there a way to make certain text boxes in a report invisible during run time?

onAfterGetRecord() //rec.Text01 if booVar then rec.text01 := ‘’;

Thanks for the suggestion, but I forgot to mention that the value of Source Expression is an integer (this is required to calculate subtotals and totals). Is there another way?

You can set the Visible Property of the Text box to No.

But I need to set it as invisible after the report is printed, based on certain criteria

Otherwise, you could also create another section with the textbox in it and use the: IF BooVar THEN CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(False)

If I do that, my columns will be misaligned. Can’t I access the Visible property through code somehow? Or, if that’s not possible, is there a way to show blanks instead of zeros?

Yip, you can blank the number if it is zero. that can be done with the BlankNumbers property on the textbox. you can set that too “BlankZero”

Never noticed that property before! Thanks for the help