Set visible in Report

hai all…

how to set visible (Text box or label) in report ??


Hi Stan,

As far as i know, that can not be done runtime.

But you can either design 2 almost identical sections (only diff. i the controls you dont want printed), and then use CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT to define wich of them is printed.
Or You can put a textvariable as the SourceExpr, and then either format the field-value into that, or make it empty if you dont want the field to be visible.
(you could look at report 206, and the way the CopyText-variable is used to add ‘Copy’ to the document type in the header)

o… i see

i know that we should make 2 section

for currreport.showoutput like that

i though it could be more simple bu setting visible

thanks sander :slight_smile: