Hi! And a Q on Navision Debugger


I am new here. I am the IT Manager at a non-profit organization that uses Navision for its accounting. We have an install of Navision 5.0 running on Windows Server 2008 which as accessed via Terminal Services by our finance group. Not a lot has been done since the 5.0 upgrade.

I had developed some dataports back on version 3.x, and haven’t touched them much since. But today the need arose for a revised one, so I started on the work. However, I am having an odd problem, but can’t seem to debug it because the debugger is not stopping on breakpoints. In fact, if I set the debugger to stop on triggers, it will do that, but looking at the breakpoint list once the debugger is open shows that it is empty, and I cannot get one to register.

I have SUPER and all other rights that I think I could give my username, and no firewall is running on this server, so if anyone has any idea why the debugger’s breakpoints are not working I would sure appreciate a pointer on where to look.


You press F9 to set a break point. By 3.x which “x” do you mean, the debugger was completely rewritten in 3.70, so you may be familiar with the old one.

Most often when break points don’t stop, its because the code is not being called. Maybe you are putting the break point after an IF.

Thanks for the advice, David, but no dice… I am well versed in programming and debuggers, and they are indeed being set, or at least the red dot is there in the code editor. However, it doesn’t show any indication in the debugger once I get it open. And if I have it trigger via the action calls, once it is open I can single step and see it go through the very code I have breakpoints on, but otherwise it doesn’t stop on breakpoints alone. The trouble with breaking on action calls is, as you know, that you then end up wading through tons of other calls not relevant to your dataport debugging. Very frustrating. I was hoping there was a simple “Oh, it is disabled by default” or something. :slight_smile: I saw mention in other posts about a breakpoint virtual table, but it seems to not exist in my 5.0 install, maybe it is new in the 2009 release. Also about a .xml file in the Application Data folder, which I don’t have either. I also found a knowledgebase article about enabling debugging in 2009, but none of that seems applicable to v5.0.

So, in short, the debugger runs, and if I get it going via the Action Triggers I can step through code, see variables, and everything it should do, I just can’t get it to set or honor breakpoints that show up in the debugger. The code editor shows the red dots, but if I try to show breakpoints in the debugger nothing is listed.

Do you get an error message indicating that a dataport field isn’t filled correctly? Like an overflow or something like that? Because these errors don’t call the debugger when the debugger is set to stop on breakpoints only.

Hi Jan,

I get no errors at all, with or without the debugger being on, which is why I am trying to debug this. It is a dataport to pull from an Excel dump and do some minor manipulations to create journal entries. This is a modification of another very similar dataport, and it is frustrating because it runs without error but yet at the end there are no entries in the journal batch. Even more bizarre, during testing, it had worked a few times and then when I deleted all the lines from the batch it did not work any more. I am at a loss as to why, so debugging seemed the only way to go but is proving difficult if I can’t get the debugger to stop. :slight_smile:

Don’t know if this is part of your issue… When running dataports from design mode, they don’t actually import any data. They need to run in run mode to actually import data, like from the object designer.

As to why the debugger isn’t working… Did you check your firewall? You can always try uninstalling and reinstalling NAV.


Thanks a million for pointing out the data import issue, that explains the odd issues I saw with it working or not working. :slight_smile:

As for the debugger, the firewall is turned off on the machine, and I can see the variables, code, etc., just no breakpoints. But, since I know know why the data wasn’t being imported (blush) I really don’t need it to work at present. {smile}

Yeah that little tidbit took me a very long time to figure out, spent WAY too much time questioning my code :).

I’ve never seen breakpoints not work, but I’ve messed up hundreds of debugging sessions by pressing the wrong key or clicking the wrong menu. I’m inclined to think you’re doing something to mess this up. Just to be sure I understand… You turn on breakpoints on trigger, turn on the debugger, that part works fine. Then, you turn OFF breakpoints on trigger, you set a breakpoint a few lines down in the code, you hit F5 and it just continues executing without breaking? Are you sure you’re not using the wrong shortcut keys?