Debugger, Navision 3.70

Hi guys, what can be a problem whit my debugger? Debugger opens, but I don’t see code, menu options are not available except on Views and File/Page Setup. There is no way to close except to close Navision through Task Manager. I’m using XP Professional. If you told me how to put screen capture on the Forum, it will be easier to explain what is going on.

I have the same problem with one of my machines, never got to the bottom of it. There are a few reasons why ythe debugger cannot communicate with the client (e.g. local firewall, another service running on the port, spyware etc), but I ruled out each and every one of those and still never solved it. More suggestions welcome… Meint

After last time I have used Debugger on my machine, I have instaled SQL Server and Analysis Services. Before that Debugger worked properly.