Graph in Exel

Hi I want to export some data from Navision to Excel and then create a graph. So far it works find. This is the code: //******************** CREATE(xlApp); xlBook := xlApp.Workbooks.Add(-4167); xlSheet:= xlApp.ActiveSheet; xlSheet.Name := ‘Test Sheet’; xlSheet.Range(‘A2’).Value := ‘Something A’; xlSheet.Range(‘A3’).Value := 150; xlSheet.Range(‘B2’).Value := ‘Something B’; xlSheet.Range(‘B3’).Value := 20; xlSheet.Range(‘C2’).Value := ‘Something C’; xlSheet.Range(‘C3’).Value := 300; xlRange := xlSheet.Range(‘A2:C3’); xlChart := xlBook.Charts.Add; xlChart.ChartType := -4102; xlChart.SetSourceData(xlRange,1); xlChart.Location(2,‘Test Sheet’); //xlChart.hastitle := TRUE; xlApp.Visible := TRUE; //******************** If I use the ‘hastitle’-property (deactivated in the above snippet) I get the ffw error: “Could not invoke the member HasTitle. The OLE Control or Automation Server returned an unknown error code.” Has anybody an idea what the problem could be? Many thanks. H