Export Chart of account from Navision to Exel

Hi all! Is there a way or functionality to export all the Chart of account from Navision 4 to Exel? My client would like to put in Excel all informations from specific accounts were all transaction can be seen. i.e: For a particular Vendor account, he wants to see the vendor name, amounts, items purchased , etc… in fact all transactions that was done for that vendor. If there is no such functionality, how could be the best way to have that into Navision?? Thanks

Hello, Take a look at [Financial Management] > [Analysis and Reporting] > [account Schedules] > [Acc. Sched./Overview] > [Functions/Export to Excel]… Exporting to M$ Excel is not that hard (to imagine ;-), here’s an out of the box working example: (just copy and paste it to a textfile and import in Navision) OBJECT Report 90000 G/L Account Excel Export { OBJECT-PROPERTIES { Date=18-11-05; Time=10:00:00; Modified=Yes; Version List=GNU General Public License; } PROPERTIES { ProcessingOnly=Yes; OnPostReport=BEGIN IF GLAccount.FIND('-') THEN REPEAT RowNoCounter := RowNoCounter+1; GLAccount.CALCFIELDS("Net Change",Balance); EnterCell(RowNoCounter,1,GLAccount."No."); EnterCell(RowNoCounter,2,GLAccount.Name); EnterCell(RowNoCounter,3,FORMAT(GLAccount."Net Change")); EnterCell(RowNoCounter,4,FORMAT(GLAccount.Balance)); UNTIL GLAccount.NEXT=0; TempExcelBuffer.CreateBook; TempExcelBuffer.CreateSheet('SheetName','ReportHeader',COMPANYNAME,USERID); TempExcelBuffer.GiveUserControl; END; } DATAITEMS { } REQUESTFORM { PROPERTIES { Width=9020; Height=3410; } CONTROLS { } } CODE { VAR TempExcelBuffer@1100487000 : TEMPORARY Record 370; GLAccount@1100487001 : Record 15; RowNoCounter@1100487002 : Integer; ColumnNoCounter@1100487003 : Integer; LOCAL PROCEDURE EnterCell@2(RowNo@1000 : Integer;ColumnNo@1001 : Integer;CellValue@1002 : Text[250]); BEGIN TempExcelBuffer.INIT; TempExcelBuffer.VALIDATE("Row No.",RowNo); TempExcelBuffer.VALIDATE("Column No.",ColumnNo); TempExcelBuffer."Cell Value as Text" := CellValue; TempExcelBuffer.INSERT; END; BEGIN END. } }

Sorry it is in Nav 3.70 not version 4.

We have 3.6 and the “Export to Excel” function is present. So its probably also present in 3.7. In 3.6 the route is: General Ledger, Account Schedules, button Acc. Sched., Overview, button Functions, Export to Excel…

But we also need to be able to export all transactions inc in each gl accoount. Thanks

Couldn’t you just set the filters you want on the G/L Entries form, then copy and paste to Excel?

Hi, Consider using dataports. You can export transactions / COA / customer / vendor masters using dataports and open the file in excel.