Graph in Navision 4.0

Hi All,

How to repesent data in graph format in Navision 4.0 Sp1???

Thanks in Advance



Standard NAV don’t have chart export feature.

Hi Amol,

Using excel automation, you can use excel to plot graphs and charts based on your Navision data. This excel automation can be implemented in a form or a report. Hope this helps.


Yes. Use my function, Just I have been modify the 370 table, Excel buffer, Please find this attachment.

Add 6 Function:

  1. Create chart
  2. SetFontSize
  3. SetBackColoro for cell
  4. Setcolor for character
  5. Create Hyperlink
  6. Create Nav Hyperlink

Exam: 53001 Item_demo, include all above function, example how to create the formula.