Form navigation - stop user scroll thru blank rows

Hi, I’m trying to prevent the behavior shown in the image above. Here a user has entered one row and is now starting to edit a new one. While doing this it’s possible to move up and down with this row. I would like to lock the user so that new rows can only be created directly below fully filled rows. In Navision 3.56 for DOS it is not possible to have multiple blank rows in a ledger. If you try to scroll down you stay on the same blank row. I’m trying to achive the same in Attain. I’ve tried putting code behind “Form - on next record”. Alas, once the user has started creating a new row this code is not executed any longer so I have no control over the movements. Did I miss anything or is this just not possible?

Perhaps the form property MultipleNewLines is set to Yes. If you modify this into the problem probably is solved.


Perhaps the form property MultipleNewLines is set to Yes

You’re right. Changing the value to no solved the problem. Thanks!