No Scroll bars

When I enter the General Journal screen, I have no scroll bars![:0] Any ideas? Thanks Kate

Hi Kate vertical or horizontal? If Horizontal have you checked the Show Column funciton to see if enough columns exist to warrant a scroll bar? If vertical have you entered enough lines to warrant a scroll bar? You may even be able to design them out - question for the developers that one! Otherwise you could try deleting your zup file and seeing if they return - but you will lose all your settings [:(!]

The “no horizontal scroll bar” problem is normal for Navision. Get used with it [:)]

Navision has always had a horizontal scroll bar???

Arthur probably means that in Financials there wasn’t a “real” scroolbar - i.e. there wasn’t a control you could drag and you couldn’t see the amount of data in the form the way you can with a “proper” scrollbar. [:I] I only first noticed now, that in Navision (aka Attain) this problem apparently has been solved (don’t know which version, though, this was solved). Re. Kate’s problem: Has someone fiddled with the form?

Hi Sven, Artur specifically said horizontal when asked? You are talking about the vertical scroll bar. Maybe that is what he meant. So, in terms of the vertical scroll bars … For those that find Navision can not handle vertical scroll bars compared to say excel or sql, do the following open either excel or sql with 1 million records (hard in excel I know, but follow me here in principle). Now show the 1M records, and try to scroll. worse try to filter, and then scroll. I have a SQL table in front of me with just on 1M records, I am at record 900, and the scroll bar shos me almost out the end? The issue is not one of managing scroll bars, but the volume of data that could potentially be there. Wre are so used to in Navision to get to the end of a million records, we just forget how great that is. Vertical scroll bars just can not work with lots of records. Navision was better off witout the vertical scroll bars, and I wish that in options they would add - “Vertical scroll Bars” - “Yes”,“Noooo give me back what we had aaarrrggghhh” They really slow things down, and put to much traffic on the network.