Flowfield sum calculation


I’m facing problem flowfield. In my Item table, Inventory field is a flow field. All records in this field working fine except one record not showing correct value. While I’m checking field lookup, it is showing all correct records and if I sum all records, the value is 0. But in this table, Inventory field not showing correct value. So basicly the flowfield calculation is wrong.

Do anyone know why this is happening. please help.

Hi Muthu,

Let me start with the “standard questions”:

Which version is this? Forms or Pages?

Has the table or form/page been customized?

Hi i am facing the same situation . using nav version 2013 -

i have a table (name it as A) with flowfield showing sum of table B

in page of table A - Table A has date filter which is a flowfilter . onopenpage () trigger date filter is filter with current working year (eg 01.01.17…31.12.17) .

this date filter is also added to the flowfield of table A. Problem is sum amount is not correct which shows the whole amount , date is not consider but when lookup that field that shows correct records in lookup page .

Did you add the date filter in Table filter row of CalcFormula property for the Amount flow field you’re trying to sum? and Did you try to filter based on Limit totals to(shortcut key, ctrl+shft+f3) in RTC for the date filter?