Filter on flowfield

Hi, we have one form wiht inventory of table item shown and with a boolean que can show or not items with inventory = 0. This works fine.

But we have create another field on table 27 like inventory but apointing to another table, with this field the boolean to show or not new field = 0 is very very slow.

Our database is SQL.

Any idea about this??

Thanks ¡¡¡

Scenario its quite vague: which is the other field? Is it a FlowField (in case on what table perform calculation)? and, if it is, did you set up a proper key to perform and speed up calculation?

The other field is one field like inventory but form other table (not standard table), and yes I have a key but seems this key is not used.

So I assume is a sum FlowField: in the key you created did you set up as SumIndexField the field you need to summarize?

Are you sure you are filtering only on fields which are parts of the key?

Does your custom table containt more or less records than Item Ledger Entry?