Fixed reorder quantities

I’m trying to set up an item so that it can only be ordered in fixed quantities through req sheets or Order plannin. For example, Item has current inventory of 10, reorder policy of Fixed Order Quantity, Reorder quantity of 25. A sales order is received for 15. When you run the Calculate Plan Batch on either the Req sheet or Order Planning forms, the order is correctly identified as requiring additional stock so lines are added. However, rather than the quantity to order being the Reorder Quantity for the item (25), its always the quantity required to fulfil the order (5). I’ve also tried using the order multiple field rather than the Reorder quantity but to no success. Could anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong please? Many thanks

Hi Gary Process an item journal, book in 20, then take out 20. I guess your inventory level has never reached your reorder level, this means it calcualtes differently. Once you have taken it above your reorder point re-try the sales order scenario, if you have everything set correctly it will tell you to purchase 25 when the reorder point is broken.

Hi Steven, Thanks as always. I didn’t think I was a million miles away with the setup, but it just so happens is the item I was playing with hadn’t had much stock in for yet. Thanks again Gary