Purch Requisition (Bug or Me?)

Hi Pple I have a problem with the purch. requisition worksheet. Not sure if its due to a bug or user incompetency. It goes like this: 1. I set the Reordering Policy Under in the Item Master as Max Qty. 2. Then key in the max inventory as 100 3. I ran the worksheet (in the purch. Moduel), calculate Plan and nothing happen. 4. I create a sales order for 1 unit of the item and ran the batch job again. This time round, the qty becomes 101 in the requisition worksheet. Does anybody here face this problem as well? Any solutions for this? Thanks in advance.[:D]

Hi Nova I do not have your settings but essentially until a requirement exists no replenishment will be planned for - so I am guessing your reorder point is zero. By placing the sales order the reorder level has negative inventory so the reorder point of zero is broken, the maximum quantity is then ordered plus the amount to fill the requirement. Seems fine to me under these assumptions [:D]

Hi Steven Thanks for replying. Its true that my reorder point is 0. I have since changed it to 1. Now its working perfectly fine.[8D]