Fixed Assets - Reversing a Disposal


Can anyone help…

I am trying to reverse a FA disposal, when i try to reverse the Proceeds on Disposal transaction i get the error message ’ you cannot reverse the transactions because the FA has been sold’

Am i still able to reverse the disposal? If so could someone advise how?

Thank you in anticipation

Can`t understand why you should reverse disposal of sold FA - if disposal is not correct, then corresponding Sales Order is not accurate, too and must be rolled back by Credit Memo or Return Order.


One of our finance team posted the disposal incorrectly via a FA journal, there is no corresponding Sales Order. Are we unable reverse the disposal?

Did you follow the link in my previous post? Seemingly no, because the answer to your question is there…

Besides, there is a SEARCH functionality, too in this forum, prior to asking something, please do some searching - maybe your problem is already discussed here…

Thank you, yes i found the link before i posted in the forum, unfortunately the solution offered did not work, as discussed previously. Thank you again for your help.

Hi Kim,

As many of our members have read your post, then they might want to read the answer to your questions.

So please post the link that answers your question. Thanks.