Fixed Assets - Trade-in

Hi, Iam trying to do the Following. Can u give me solution or tell me wether I am doing correct ?. Iam trying to Sell a Fixed Asset(FA) called A. Buying few FA called B, C, D. Iam buying this as a trade in Selling FA - A (2000$) and Buying B, C, D (4000$). Buying and selling of FA from the same person (vendor & Customer). I can Buy a FA by using Purchase order. I can do a Dispose of FA - A either by FA G/L Journal or Sales Order from S&R module. The problem is Iam not going to receive any cash for my disposal. That is going to be adjusted against the purchase. I can’t use the Credit memo for trade-in Disposal. B’caz I brought in this FA as opening balance. How can I solve this. I want to dispose the FA and Buy some FA’s frm the Same person.

create customer and vendor SAy X. Sell the asset A through sales for 2000$ from customer X buy B,C,D from X(vend) at 4000$. Pass a JV with cust X debit 2000 and vendor X credit 2000.( try posting this from journal vouchers with 2 lines). End of story.

ok… Txs…