reverse the entries

Hi friends,

i have a one requiremnet that is

goto GL>>fixed asset details>>then valuemethods(button)>>transactions

here when ever we click on reverse transaction(button) ,then automatically transaction will be reversed

please help me code for that

So you want us to do your job?

Hi mohana,

if u know ,please help me code for that requirement

What did you try till now?

what problem are you facing?

Forums are to help you in your process not to do your job…

Why you required code for that as system already doing the reversal automatically.

Hi amol,

thanks for reply

when ever i click on the reverse transaction(button)

we get the following error

the transaction type customer balance must be reversed from sales order

please help me…

Hi mohana,

i am new for this requirement thatwhy i am asking


You should ask your senior in office for these kind of tasks…and let us know if you face any problem in between…

In Which transaction reversal you are getting this error?

I mean Which transaction you are trying to reverse.

Hi amol,

thanks for reply

my company is 0102

fixedasset transaction is FA00000820

Have u purchase your Fixed Asset via Purchase order or it is opening balance entry?

If you have purchase it through Purchase order then if you have to reverse the transaction via Purchase Credit Memo .You Cannot just reverse by clicking the reverse button .

If it is opening entry passed through General Journal then you can click on reverse it because it is one line entry.Navison Reverse those entry which is like JV using reverse button.

Hope this will clear your doubt.

hi amol,

thanks for ur reply

i didnt understand what u sent

please clearly explain

Hi Murali,

What Amol is asking you is how you captured your fixed assets’ acquisition cost? Was this through a purchase order or thru a FA G\L Journal? If you used a purchase order then you cannot just click on Reverse transaction but you need to post a purchase credit memo. You’ll only be able to use the Reverse transaction button only for transactions posted using a journal. Hope this is clear.

Hi LIlian,

thanks for reply,

i can captured fixed assest through GL

how can we that problem?


Again I am asking Have u captured the Fixed Asset via Purchase order or Gneral Journal ?

Hi Amol,

thanks for reply

i captured the FixedAssest via General Ledger only

Then How you are reversing the entry?