"Field No ### is not defined in the ### table" err

I am doing some version upgrades on a customised database. After porting in all the coding, and I get the error “Field ### is not defined in the ### table” error upon running a form. This error will not appear in the debugger, making it difficult to troubleshoot. I have tried recompiling all the objects, but i cannot find any errors.

Check out code as well as Controls on forms.There must be some control where the fileld assigned is missing from source table.

Try exporting the object to a text file and search for the field there. Rgds, Michael

This error happened because, there were some table relations property that needs to relate to a field that was deleted.

This happens if you do not have a field in the table, but still you have a reference of that field on the form. you can design the form, and look for field name “Control…” and delete those fields with the caption from the form. there could be more than one of these fields, if you removed many fields from the source table of that form. Naveen Jain