Updating Tables/Fields not associated with form

Hello All, What approach should I take to update a field on a table that is not associated with the form I am using? i.e. When pressing a button on my form, I want to update various fields in other tables within Navision. Any ideas? Thanks

Why not standard : tablename.VALIDATE(fieldname, value ) ??

A tablename.MODIFY(TRUE) afterwards wouldn’t do any harm either…

onPush var myrecord Record: mytable; BEGIN myrecord.VALIDATE(myfield,rec.field); myrecord.mysecondfield := rec.field2; myrecord.modify; END; That’s basic development… :confused:

Hello All, All is working fine now…I just re-created the form. For some reason, my usual code (similar to that posted by Alfonso) just would not work… Must have been one of those days for me… Thanks