FG/WIP Inventory List->Inquiry crashes AOS

I have a problem when i clicked on a inquiry button of a form in inventory management module
it automatically stop aos services in ax2009 pls help me
it will be very kind of you
Inventory Management → Inquiry ->FG/WIP Inventory List->Inquiry

Thanks and Regards


It isn’t a standard object, is it?
Can you ask a developer to identify where exactly it fails?

Exactly it is a customized object.
and when i clicked on that inquiry button it automatically stop the services
pls help me. what can be the reason?

Then please debug code of you customization to see where it crashes the application. If you need our help, give us details about the problematic piece of code.

Thanks for suggestion but i think code is correct because same code working fine in test server but in live server it creates problem

Well, I think isolating the problem is a good idea. The fact that it works somewhere else is irrelevant; it won’t help you to understand the problem.

If give this up, you have only two other chances - looking at error details in event logs (which usually doesn’t say two much) and analyze a memory dump (which isn’t easy, although LCS crash & hang analysis can do some simpler steps for you).