AOS crashing on selection of a particular table

Hi All,

I created a temporary table with 60 string columns and string size of 1000 each. Since then, the AOS crashes with the following error

Object Server 01: Unexpected situation More Information: Total field length cannot exceed 64K. Please re-factor your table *<table name>

I am not able to synchronize or compile the application without crashing AOS (hence never completes).

In other environment I created a new model and added a regular table with only one field to it. Then installed that new model to the environment with issue. I referred the following link:

AOS cannot start after extending string length on EDT

I have the same suggestion as the error message: refactor your table. The design is horrible and it should be changed even if it didn’t failed yet.

If you need some help with the refactoring, please give us more information about the table.

Now I see that you’re already getting replies in your duplicate thread on another forum, so I’m not going to continue here.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the reply. From AOT or X++ it is just impossible to refactor the table as the moment the table is selected either in AOT of in X++, the AOS crashes.

Is there any other way to do it?

I’m not going to discuss it here. Continue in the other thread.

For those who may be following only this thread, the issue was resolved by deleting some records in the model database.