AOS Crashing again and again after Creating a Query and a view.....HElp Me :(

Hello everyone,

i m in a big big trouble…

i made a Query and view

using 3 table (Very Complex one)

when i tried to open the view …ax gone crashed…

now i m unable to delete this view

because…AOS keep going crash whenever i tried to delete view

also the condition is going more critical because…now i m unable to expand Project Node where i saved my View Projects

Kindly Help Me Fast Kindly Help Me FastKindly Help Me FastKindly Help Me Fast!!

Hi Pratham ,

I am not sure but you can restart the server or restart sql,ax services.

Best Regards,

Jagannath Tripathy

I heard from one implementation partner that they’d got into such troubles with a view that they were unable to deal with it in AX. They had to remove it directly from the model store database.

Try to remove the view by code (TreeNode.AOTdelete()) first - playing with model store directly should be the very last resort.

I am also facing similar issue, not able to delete view through code. Not able to see the view in SQL!

How did you solve this?

HI All,

I was facing the same issue of AOS crashing as soon as I perform any task. After research I found out that we had a client whose version was different from the AOS version. And using that client a view was created which caused the issue. Thanks to Martin’s post which put me in the right direction.

Fortunately I successfully resolved the issue by deleting the customizations done by that client form the model store using SQL. Since a new user was using the client I was able to find out his customizations easily. The view named ‘ModelElements’ in the model database showed me the customizations for that user.

The view is composed of two tables i.e. ModelElement and ModelElementData. I deleted the rows from both the tables for that user and AOS crashing stopped.