Exporting to Excel

Dear All, Is it posible to export the Entire Information printed from navision report to Excel? Ok The problem is we have a report in which the the entire contents of the report that is printed on navision must be exported to Excel? The problem is in the report a picture is also printed and it should be exported to Excel along with certain details and I didn’t find any documentation from navision to export the pictures as such? Does anyone tried this before? if somebody has tips regarding this it would be very helpful!!! thanks Best Regards Sreekanth

Have you tried to Print the report to HTML and then open the HTML file in Excel?

If you want to export data from single table to excel then you can do it using the utility that can be downloaded from the following link http://www.mibuso.com/dl.asp?FileID=207&Type=file but then if the report has more than one table then it does not serve the purpose. By the way why is there such a need? It means that the user is still not comfortable with navision and wants to go back to his old habit of seeing data in excel. This is some thing to worry about. If the user wants to use excel for all his reporting needs then what value is navision adding to the company?

It could be usefull if the user wants to sort the data by himself, otherwise you need to write more reports, more indexes in NAVISION to obtain the same result. One export to excell can replace many reports, many indexes in NAVISION.

dear venugopal, your point is right but navision adds value in running the business better but while certain kind of complicated reporting would require more work in navision as the user thinks that his way of interpreting is restricted. anyhow there will be certian times when the customers require a complicated report which has been designed in navision to be available in excel for his comfortability? So i need to do that it would be better for me If i can find a way!!! please help me!!! Best Regards Sreekanth

Dear Simon, I tried to open the HTML file in the excel but as you must be knowing the formats are distorted. is there any way to get a better formatting when opened? anyhow thanks for the tip and let me explore!!!

look at the code in the objects that you would have downloaded from the link pasted. Modify it to suit your purpose. Its definitely calls for some hard work. I guess your customer is willing to pay for it :slight_smile:

Yes, there is a better way: Use Excel Automation Variables … then you can program the transfer of data to Excel into the sections, so you can easily get difficult Navision reports into Excel. You will need following variables: Name DataType Subtype Length Excel Automation Unknown Automation Server.Application Book Automation Unknown Automation Server.Workbook Chart Automation Unknown Automation Server._Chart Range Automation Unknown Automation Server.Range Worksheet Automation Unknown Automation Server.Worksheet Unknown Automation Server ← depends on Excel version. This is a very raw description … so please ask if you have further questions.

Dear Stefan, thanks for your tips and currently I am transferring the info by mapping each control info and transferring to the cells. now the real point is if How can I transfer a blob field into excel pictures? I cannot export it but need to disply like picture box. as like if you have different Item cards with pictures and in the list how you display the pictures for each item record I need to transfer the same to Excel. i couldn’t able to export the pictures.

Have you looked at Jet Reports? That may be the answer you are looking for. It will depend largly on the customer since this is not a free solution.

Maybe you should be interested by this discussion we had before about the report designer: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8025 The Navision reports are very strong, but sometimes don’t provide all the functionnalities we need. If there is several reports to design, some companies will choose more simple tools and Jet Report is probably the best for Excel integration.