Export to Excel

Hello, As we know Navision 3.60 has the feature of exporting account schedule to excel. Is there any way to export the report to excel. Guess fine tuning as well as coding is required but is there any simplest way of handling it. Regards Khan\

The simplest way is to save a report as HTML file and after open this HTML with Excel.

Hi Arthur, Yes I do it in that way but I am wasting a lot of time in re formating the whole file. Once you save in html and open from excel, its all rubbish inside, you need to present the report in a clean manner. Regards Khan\

Of course :stuck_out_tongue: But that’s the easiest way. Next step is to copy/paste directly from a table but it will work if no calculations are required. Otherwise you need to put some code in each section of a report that will export required data to Excel Buffer (T370) and after to the Excel.

Actually I’ll suggest that you take a look at how at the Analysis View reports works, just as Athur suggests using the Excel Buffer. This way it’s not a big deal to create your reports in Excel.