Reports into Excel

Dear all, mine is a very quick one. I would like to be able to get a report details in excel, without necessarily writing VBA code (if this is possible). The only available Navision option is to save as html and then work around but this is very inefficient and wont help much if one has a complicated report. What I have done in the past was to create a table with fields matching the report, then use a data port to export the table data. In essence, the report would delete and repopulate the table everytime I ran it. I am now looking for a smarter way out, as I know it is there. Thanks, Robert

You can also use a variant of the method you were so far applying. Take a look at Table 370 Excel Buffer. There is a lot of functionality in there that allows a developer to easily export information to Excel. Another way, which requires no development, is to use a sort of virtual Excel printer. Just like all the PDF printers out there, this is a printer that creates Excel files when you print to it. I remember seeing one specially adapted to Navision. Try looking at the download section. Maybe you will find it there.

Thanks, I am gonna look at this right away. Robert