Export to Excel

Hi There good people

When i’m working on the client Database i get an error when click the export to Excel on the menu bar, but when i do it on the local database it’s fine. Is there anyone who have this type of a problem? please help

Hey Siya,

Could you please give us some more info…

Which version?
Which server-option?

Also it could be nice to actually know how the error-message you get sounds. [:D]

I got the same sort of problem few days back…finally i found that it was the license problem…You can try that once.

Hi Alexander

I’m using Nav5 SP1 and SQL Server 2005.

The error comes with this message:Problems came up in the following areas during load:WorkbookSettings

Hi Sangam

That was the first try we did, but fortunately it was not the licence issue. it was working before but all of a sudden its not working and i think it has to do with the Database.


Is it the same client-session you use when it works in the local DB, and when it doesn’t in the server DB?

Also, have you checked that the stylesheets are present in both databases?
(Administration → IT Administration → General Setup → Manage Stylesheets)